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Garage sectional doors


Offered booklets perfectly perform the aesthetic
and informative-practical functions.They contain full information about:
  • Design advantages of Alutech Sectional Doors ;
     • Types of door curtain;
     • Variants of door operating;
     • Types of mounting;
     • Additional options for ImenGozar Sectional Doors;
     • Procedure of choosing garage and industrial doors.

Modern design, visual illustrations and clear description
make the booklets attractive and topical for various target groups. Application of the offered advertising materials broadens the possibilities for Alutech Sectional Doors promotion.

Garage sectional doors


Advertising booklets serves to present the
product to final customers. They contain all useful information about
main characteristics, competitive advantages and offered range of
sectional doors.Attractive industrial facilities effectively demonstrate
aesthetic design of ImenGozar Sectional Doors while compact and
clear description provides the informative and practical value of the booklets.

• Format: А4
     • Number of pages: 6
     • Coloration: 4+4

Competitive advantages of ImenGozar sectional doors


Advertising booklet is an excellent guide for dialers
and partners working with clients. The information in the booklet attracts
the clients’ attention to a special quality of Alutech sectional doors.
The document contains the detailed description of design
characteristics and competitive advantages of the final product
and its components as well as reasonable arguments in favor of
products manufactured by Alutech.The document can be
widely used due to its informative character, visual presentation
of the information and understandable wording. Colorful illustrations
make it attractive and eye-catching
Art. R7020223
Download (rar 14.8 MB)
Art. R7020223
Download (rar 14.8 MB)
Art. R7020223
Download (rar 14.8 MB)
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