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ImenGozar garage doors design completely conforms with the requirements of European safety standards EN 12604 and EN12453:
sandwich panel design ensures protection against finger jamming;
reliable protection against snagging and cutting of clothing or hands is ensured through absence of sharp edges of the constructive elements and placement of the cable between vertical track profile and door leaf;
design of track profiles and rollers eliminates door leaf bounce;
automated garage doors are equipped with special safety system. In case of contact of sectional door with an obstacle it will be fully stopped automatically. This system also prevents a man from being lifted while the opening of the doors;
In cases of power cutoff there is a system that switches up the automated doors to manual mode of operation.

ImenGozar sectional doors are fully complient with all the requirements of European safety standards, and conformed by the test reports issued by European accredited laboratories. Available reports of conformity prepared on the basis of issued protocols makes it possible to mark ImenGozar doors with CE label.
To produce sandwich panels ImenGozar uses the galvanized steel tape 0,4 mm thick. It guarantees good reliability properties and durability of the door leaf.

The zinc coating 16 μm thick, as well as two-layer polymer
coating 25 - 35 μm thick reliably protects the sandwich-panels
surface against mechanical damage and precipitation exposure.
The front side of Alutech panel is covered with polyurethane
coating modified by polyamide particles (PUR-PA). This coating:
has a high resistance to scratches and notches in case of
mechanical exposure;
perfectly withstands temperature and humidity fluctuations;
has high hardness and elasticity;
has good anticorrosion properties;
is resistant to detergents and chemicals.

The garage doors include components with excellent
anticorrosion properties thus extending the life cycle of the
roller brackets and intermediary hinges made of stainless steel
(Classic series);
painted side plates and torsion springs;

special set for premises with a high level of humidity.
Tests performed in the independent accredited laboratory, Republican Unitary Enterprise BelNIIS Institute (Minsk), proved that elements of
ImenGozar door leaf withstood the exposure of salt fog for 750 hours. This corresponds approximately to 15 years of doors operation in coastal regions and such cities as Saint-Petersburg, Makhachkala, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Magadan, Okhotsk, Novorossiysk, Sochi, etc.
The construction of ImenGozar sandwich-panels 45 mm thick ensures high resistance to wind and impact loads:

Both outer and inner steel sheets of the sandwich panel are interconnected in the top and bottom of panel. This eliminates separation of the panel while heated in the sun which is essential for the South regions and for the doors of dark colors;
The panels configuration ensures their self-centering. It guarantees close adjoining of the panels to each other, increases their tightness and thermal insulation. It significantly facilitates the installation and eliminates errors while the assembling of door leaf.
Attaching points of self-tapping screws are located in the junction area of external and internal sheets (4 metal layers). It makes the fastening stronger which completely excludes slackening and distortion of hinges. Sound interconnection of steel sheets makes impossible the separation of panels in case of sudden lowering of the door.
Good thermal insulation characteristics of Alutech doors have been confirmed by tests performed in laboratories:
Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU). The test program was developed in association with Federal State Unitary Enterprise D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology;
NISI Research Institute (Bulgaria);
Civil Engineering Research Institute of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk).
Good thermal insulation of ImenGozar doors are ensured by their constru

Sandwich-panel is filled with foam polyurethane with very low thermal
The panel thickness influences to a great extent the reduced thermal
transmission resistance. Alutech panel is 45 mm thick. This is 12.5% more
than most of the panels offered in the market have. The reduced thermal transmission resistance of Aluteh panels is 1.65 m2°C/W.
Panels are fitted with polymer EPDM sealant that preserves high mechanical strength and elasticity at low temperatures. The sealant prevents the occurrence of gaps between panels ensuring high thermal and sound insulation of the doors.
Across the entire perimeter the doors are fitted with polymer rubber gaskets that overlap joints and together with track profiles ensure reliable sealing of the opening.
The R-value of ImenGozar garage doors (Standard series) equals to 1 m2°C/W. It surpasses the requirements of SNiP (Russian Federation), GOST 31174-2003 (Russian Federation), TKP 45-2.04-43-2006 (Belarus) and allows to install the doors in any region of Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Federation (even in the regions of Extreme North).
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