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Manual Operation

Thanks to a spring assembly, the door weight is compensated and it can be operated manually.

A double-sided handle is mounted on the leaf to raise the door, to make closing convenient there is a wire rope attached from inside.

A special block can be additionally used to raise the door manually. Thus the raising and descending of the door is performed with the help of the rope hanged over the block and attached to the bottom panel of the leaf.

It is recommended to use the block if the door is over 2m high with an area up to 15 m2.

Automated Operation

Automated sectional doors provide an advanced level of comfort. In a bad weather there is no necessity to leave your car or house to open/close the doors. It is enough just to press a button on the remote control and the electric drive itself will open/close the doors.

For the automation of garage doors Alutech offers highly qualitative and reliable automatics, in particular, manufactured by NICE (Italy) and MARANTEC (Germany).

For automation of garage doors the company uses electric drives of the overhead type. The drive with power rod is adjusted directly under the ceiling. Sectional doors are actuated via the belt (chain) located in the power rod.

Some additional components, such as remote control, photocells, control panels, signal lamps, signal lights, etc. extend the door control opportunities and increase the safety and functionality of the entire system.
Additional Garage Entry

Alutech garage doors can be supplied with a built-in wicket door or a side door. The wicket provides an additional entry into the garage, which allows to extend the doors life cycle, save efforts and energy, and keep warmth in the room.
Alutech offers two types of built-in wichet:
standard threshold wicket. Due to a reinforced structure such a wicket can be cut into a door of maximum 5 m wide;
low threshold wicket complies with the fire safety regulations. Maximum width of doors of this wicket is 4.5 m.
The wicket and sectional doors are going with each other and harmoniously match with the building façade, perfectly complementing each other. The wicket is made of panels of the same pattern and color as the sectional doors.
Accessories for Safety and Comfort
Natural illumination of the garage via windows is just another advantage. We offer several types of windows.
Upon the customer’s order the windows can be supplied with decorative plastic insertions (cross or sun rays).
Windows with decorative elements mark out the garage doors. Such doors perfectly match with the architecture of private houses and cottages, complementing and marking out their modern design.
Locking Systems

An important advantage of Alutech doors is a reliable access restriction system. The customer may choose to install a locking bar or a special crossbar lock that allows to open the doors from the outside. The lock ensures the reliable blocking of the garage doors, is easily mounted and has an aesthetic design. The lock provides the possibility to plug in a device which serves for the unlocking of the electric drive. In case of power cutoff it can be used to switch the doors to manual mode of operation.
Air Grid

Air grid ensures natural aeration of the premises and can be built-in into the doors which must meet special requirements of fire safety.

Alutech offers white or black grids with mosquito nets and closable ventilation openings.
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