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ImenGozar sandwich panels are 45 mm thick. In production of panels the company uses galvanized steel tape 0.4 mm thick with 16 μm zinc coating. The front side of the panel is coated with poly urethane modified by polyamide particles (PUR-PA) 20-25 μm thick. The panel is closed-circuit: the front and inner steel sheets are interconnected at the top and at the bottom of the panel.
Panel Types

Alutech garage doors can perfectly emphasize the architecture of a modern hi-tech house, as well as one of a classic tradition.
Due to various choices of panels (microwave, ribbed panel, cassette (Georgian)), sectional doors perfectly match or go with the suspending building material.

Sandwich-panels imitating wood grain (golden oak, dark oak, cherry) have all the advantages of steel doors and emphasize the individual style of the building.

ImenGozar doors can be painted in any RAL color, which helps to obtain a perfect color compatibility with the windows, roof and façade of the building.
8 colors at a standard price :
L- panel
M- panel
S- panel
Dark oak
Golden oak
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