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Advantages of transparent roller shutter

Light weight transparent shutters over one of the
reasons.This product is the best product on the
market Iran Middle East has changed. because
the weight drop .Prevent strain on the motor and
motor life by .Efficiency is greater than the parts.
One of the reasons This product is light weight
( Nano Composite Shutters ) used
The profiles link aluminum instead of steel pipe is.
These In addition to making life more secure than
links. Door ( resistance efficiency ) on aesthetics frontage you Adds.
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Using granular Bavaria Germany in eslat polycarbonate is due to the unique quality of the final product And transparency of the technical tests, 97.34% have been recorded Aslt structure design of nanocomposites is such that any subsequent eslat gasket with a cloth and curtains, fully Sealing makes it possible to conclude that the Vmtdd brings constant cleaning Benefits of  Polycarbonate

                                                                                            Impact strength

texture of clear roller door
اسلت های رنگی پلی کربن کرکره شیشه ای
شرکتی برای نمایش قدرت محصول پلی کربن خود مبلغ 3 میلیون دلار را در محفظه ای در ایستگاه اتوبوس قرار داده است
کرکره شفاف شرکت ایمن گذر
Following continuous attacks of polycarbonate Vpy not only breaks but not even change the time.'s Entire interest in the Cold
Has in all cases. Polycarbonate shield for police, security is a simple example of the impact resistance of the anti-
Bullets also.
The electrical resistance of polycarbonate has led to the use of this product in electronic components (due to
Having a high dielectric strength) now comes to eye
Polycarbonate melt temperature 310 ° F (about 238 ° C) is.
Polycarbonate can be mechanically connected using standard methods. You can also use a solvent
Epoxy, Urethane, and also stick together. Polycarbonate can also be welded with Chsbhayy like.
Mechanical properties :
(ASTM D 792): 1.20 Specific Gravity
A (ASTM D 638): 9,000 PSI Ultimate Tensile Strength
(ASTM D 638): 130 Elongation at break%
(ASTM D 638): 3.1x10 ~ 5 PSI tensile modulus
(ASTM D 785): R118 Rockwell hardness
(73 ° F) (ASTM D 256) (cut): 17.0 ft-lb/inch impact strength
(ASTM D 790): 14,200 PSI tensile strength
(ASTM D 790): 3.4x 10 ~ 5 PSI flexural modulus 
40 PSI 50fpm: 2500x10 ~ 10 times the wear factor for steel
40psi 50fpm: 0.38 dynamic coefficient of friction
Thermal properties:
Melting point of 310 ° F:
The 66 PSI (ASTM D 648): 285 ° F heat deflection
264 PSI (ASTM D 648): 270 ° F heat deflection
: 275 ° F Maximum serving temperature for short
: 240 ° F Maximum serving temperature for long
(ASTM C 177): 1.35 Btu-inch/hr-ft ~ 2 - ° F thermal conductivity
: 0.30 Btu/lb- ° F Specific Heat
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (ASTM D 696): 3.7 X10 ~ 5
: 0-200 ° F temperature range applicable to thermal expansion
60HZ (ASTM D 150) (73 ° F 50% RH): 3.2 dielectric constant 60HZ (ASTM D 150)
(73 ° F): 0.001 dissipation factor
(ASTM D 257): 10 ~ 17 ohm cm volume resistivity
(ASTM D 149): 380 V / MIL dielectric strength
- 24 hours (ASTM D 570): 0.15 Water absorption%
0.35% (ASTM D 792): £ 0.0434 / cm 3 density
(UL 94): V-2 flammability
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