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Being light-weight composite Nano shutters causes fatal engine pressure drop to qurarngerd and of course the lifetime and efficiency of the engine and the automatic increase will be acceptable. Meanwhile, the creation of additional noise will reduce as impressive this dropdown can be one of the most affordable types of shutters can be brought to the
This drop is widely found in shopping places and commercial use. Banks, exchange offices, shoping center, gold Stores and sports halls, factories, etc.  The main users of this kind of blinds to go. This dropdown feature Use in interior decoration of buildings, as well as a terrace., Patios, garage ramps open kitchen including Place used. with the installation of the roller shutters on the balcony of the House can be used in addition to preserving the surrounding landscape, hinders the entry of heat, The cold and ambient noise Street. This drop partition can be animated as well as even.For example : can be room Book or conference room,Temporary contracts or conference room in the main office and auto separate CEO. environment monitoring management, all rights reserved To stay.  With the installation of the roller shutters to open kitchen, cooking foods such as drzman can be redolent of fish. Temporarily close the roller shutters ,The kitchen is reserved to inhibits the transmission of smell to other parts of the apartment.
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Transparent Roller door
Polycarbonate transparent shutters ImenGozar is one of the most practical The new generation of electric rolling shutters can be further bramnet of beauty Are very high Visual
   Polycarbonate plastic is known in the industry as steel, so that even with a hammer and Mallet also are not breaking .Transparent shutters with the name manufacture can also recognize Nowadays this type of shutters made of glass is widely used in the world!
. More transparent shutters components Such as aluminium shutters, and the only difference with shutters main screen blinds.
ImenGozar Clear Shutter consists of aluminium link with a diameter of 30 mm
eslatt and made of carbon to a diameter of 100 mm. The use of the links Because aluminum is so very light weight roller shutters this type.(Per square meter is equal to 5 kg)
Transparent Roller door and Clear roller shutter
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