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شرکت ایمن گذر عرضه کننده برترین دربهای سکشنال وکرکره های رول شاتر شیشه ای وآلومینیومی
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GRC53 half-round plug
RGX53 clamp for plug fastening
GRC53T (top)and
GRC53B (bottom) guide plugs
clear roller door
The slat and parts clear roller door
The company ImenGozar as one of the top 10 companies active in Asia and economic production of doors, roll-
up glass in it industry
The transparent shutters or manufacture also know is this product as a safe, robust, automatic door
Beautiful and, of course, can be used in commercial use, decoration and industrial market of Iran and worldwide
Decorative guide covers

In order to ensure good design of roller shutters with round and quarter-round shutter boxes and GR53x22/eco, GR53x22, GR53x60, GR53x34, GR53x42 guide rails it is recommended to use GRC53 half-round plugs.
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guide_rail_roller_garage005 gurd rail n_small
Guard rails
The guard rails are required for safe passage on the aluminum door 2 different size according to the manufacture
of electric rolling shutters type. using rubber bands and a haircut in the guard rails cause increase the longevity
of the components of the door (to diminish asthakak).