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link link of clear roller door
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The main part of the roll-up clear door blinds-shutters they consists of Eslat polycarbon and aluminum
link is made below to explain it we

Aluminum links
ImenGozar Aluminium  links made of pure aluminium extruded production method and then anodize
(metal oxide coating color) will be sent to the Assembly stage. technical specifications this link listed below.
پرده درب های رول آپ شیشه ای
Eslat of Polycarbonate
Eslat made of glass shutters polycarbon company safe transition to w 100mm and length of and the 300 mm
thickness of the 3mm metrtolid of Bavaria Germany granule is that each of the eslat as Pistil within nergy together
and The formation of a strong and beautiful row make up. it becomes clear that the shutters of each in terms of
The slat and parts clear roller door
The company ImenGozar as one of the top 10 companies active in Asia and economic production of doors, roll-
up glass in it industry
The transparent shutters or manufacture also know is this product as a safe, robust, automatic door
Beautiful and, of course, can be used in commercial use, decoration and industrial market of Iran and worldwide