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Stable geometry of the profiles, shutter boxes, octagonal tubes, quality die casting of end caps ensure high quality
of compatibility of all roller shutter components: shutter boxes with end caps, tubes with caps, electric motor
adapters with other parts. This ensures that there are no gaps or protruding parts, contributes to trouble free
operation of the drive and durability of theroller shutter , and also guarantees high quality installation.
Quality compatibility of all roller shutter structural elements
Resistance to corrosion of lacquer coating of the extruded profiles has been confirmed by the SEASIDE certificate. This is
relevant for seaside regions, where the air is saturated with salt, in particular with chloride and iodine ions.  High
corrosion resistance of ImenGozar aluminum end caps has been confirmed by the tests in BelNIIS, R&D institute
accredited under the Ministry of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the Republic of Belarus (certificate No.
BY/112/02/1/0/0290) in compliance with GOST 9.308-85.
High corrosion resistance
Stable geometry and sickle-shaped ImenGozar profiles in the roller shutter curtain ensure excellent and constant winding parameters. This ensures significant saving on the roller shutter costs due to usage of the smaller-sized end caps and shutter boxes.
Geometry of the profiles (more than 13 parameters) are under constant control during the production cycle. Main
factors are the profile thickness and profile height All parameters are always constant for each profile type and
correspond to the set in technical specification.
Optimal winding parameters of the curtain
Density of the standard density foam insulation of ImenGozar profiles is 67 - 70 kg/m3; high density foam insulation-
318-322 kg/m3. It ensures the best strength characteristics of the profiles.
Foam filling of ImenGozar roll-formed profiles is even, without voids and cavities. This ensures high resistance to
loads and minimizes deformation.
Even foam filling
• high resistance to wearing out and scratches;
• resistance to stretching, cracking and layering; 
• resistance to UV rays and temperature fluctuations;
• high resistance to corrosion;
• resistance to aggressive environments, such as
• detergents, solvent vapor, caustic, etc.,
• for the extrudedprofiles- lustre stability of smooth coating.
Lacquer coating
Features of the coating:
ImenGozar roll-formed profiles are made of aluminum lath with a
double-layer polyurethane coating and integrated polyamide
particles (PUR/PA). Polyamide particles are distinguished by its
greater hardness and resistance to wearing out. They are added
into the poly urethane base to improve the mechanical properties
of the coating.
High quality of the lacquer coating of roll-formed profiles and
shutter boxes has been confirmed by the test protocols of
BASF Coating (Germany) and AkzoNobel (Sweden). The
coating quality of ImenGozar extruded profiles and boxes has
been confirmed by QUALICOAT certificate (Switzerland).
Optimal thickness of aluminum lath
Lacquer coating
High quality of aluminum alloys used for production of extruded
profiles has been confirmed by the report of the accredited test
center of State Metal Powder Industry Institute (certificate No.
BY/, where the alloys were evaluated. Only
primary alloys are used for profiles production.
High quality aluminum alloys
To manufacture roll-formed profiles and shutter boxes ImenGozar
always uses the lath of strictly specified thickness. This ensures
stable strength properties for every profile or shutter box.