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Control systems

ImenGozar offers a wide range of drives and accessories to control roller shutters: from classic
manual operators produced by the company to up-to-date automatics from the recognized
brands - multifunctional electric drives with smart control systems.

Roller shutters with manual operators are perfectly suited for rooms with several windows of
small or medium size openings.

Automatic control ensures the most convenient and multifunctional control of roller shutters by
pressing one button you can simultaneously control all roller shutters or one at a time. You can
do it lying on the sofa, in bed, or sitting at the table.

Smart control systems (programmable timers, light and thermal sensors, meteorological
sensors) ensure an advanced level of comfort.
اپراتور دستی تسمه ای تا 15 کیلوگرم اپراتور دستی میله ای تا 15 کیلوگرم اپراتور گیربکسی کرکره_بیرون کارتا 20 کیلوگرم
اپراتور گیربکسی داخل کار_تا35 کیلوگرم هندل باز کننده میله ای کرکره هندل باز کننده محوری کرکره_داخل کار
هندل باز کننده محوری کرکره_بیرون کار فنر بالابرنده کرکره
Nero Electronics
control system roller shutter

     Strap inertia operator                                            Rope inertia operator                                                  Rope gear
             (up to 15 kg)                                                         (up to 15 kg)                                                       (up to 20 kg)
Crank rode operator
(up to 35 kg)
Crank rode operator
(up to 35 kg)
Cord operator for built-in
assembly (up to 80 kg)
Push-up springs
(from 6 to 100 kg)
Cord operator for laid-on
assembly (up to 80 kg)
Profiles and components for window and door roller shutters
ImenGozar Group of companies produces 40% profiles and components for roller shutter systems. That is
more than 6,000 positions in total.
The complete production cycle ensures the output of high quality products at affordable prices.
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