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end caps of  roll shutter
Aluminum end caps 45°
Standard sizes:
SF125     A = 125 mm
SF137     A = 137 mm
SF150     A = 150 mm
SF165     А = 165 mm
SF180     A = 180 mm
SF205     A = 205 mm
SF230/S     A = 230 mm
SF250/Sa     A = 250 mm
Steel end caps SF360/S
With built-in movable carriage
Aluminum end caps 45°
Standard sizes:
SF250     А = 250 mm
SF300     А = 300 mm
Aluminum end caps 20°
Standard sizes:
SF20/137     A = 137 mm
SF20/150     A = 150 mm
SF20/165     А = 165 mm
SF20/180     A = 180 mm
SF20/205     A = 205 mm

Aluminum end caps
Standard sizes:
SF-R/137     A = 155 mm, B = 141 mm
SF-R /150     A = 167 mm, B = 154 mm
SF-R /165     А = 183 mm, B = 168 mm
SF-R /180     A = 190 mm, B = 184 mm
SF-R /205     A = 214 mm, B = 209 mm
Aluminum end caps
Standard sizes:
SF-QR/150     A = 150 mm
SF-QR/180     A = 180 mm
SF-QR/205     A = 205 mm

Movable carriage RC205, RC250/S
Standard sizes:
RC205     B = 189 mm, H = 189 mm
RC250/S     B = 227 mm, H = 230 mm
Movable carriage RC250, RC300
Standard sizes:
RC250     B = 197 mm, H = 222 mm
RC300     B = 221 mm, H = 273 mm
Movable carriage RC
Standard sizes:
B = 224 mm, H = 203 mm
Intermediate two-sided cap
Standard sizes:
SF165/D     А = 165 mm
SF180/D     А = 180 mm
SF205/D     А = 205 mm
intermidiate through cap
Standard sizes:
SF165/I     А = 165 mm
SF180/I     А = 180 mm
SF205/I     А = 205 mm
Profiles and components for window and door roller shutters
ImenGozar Group of companies produces 40% profiles and components for roller shutter systems. That is
more than 6,000 positions in total.
The complete production cycle ensures the output of high quality products at affordable prices.
Select the group you are interested in:
End caps
ImenGozar produces a wide range of end caps: 20- and 45-degree, round and quarter- round,
intermediate two-sided and through (to dividethe openings). Wide range of end caps' sizes (from 125 to
360 mm) enables installation of roller shutters in various openings.

Intermediate two-sided caps SF165.205/D are installed together with the guide rails GR79x21 and
GR79x22E(IE,BE) to interconnect "balcony-window" openings, in shoppingmalls, exhibition pavilions,
etc. This type of installation provides the independent control of several roller shutters.

Intermediate through caps SF165.205/I are installed with guide rails GR79x21 and GR79x22E(IE,BE) to
divide wide openings using two or more roller shutters . Through opening in the end cap makes it possible
to install one octagonal tube and drive in the combined roller shutter system. This type of the installation
enables independent control of several roller shutters.
Movable carriages, RC series
Movable carriages are designed to be installed into end caps SF205, SF250/S, SF250 and SF300, and
ensure smooth entry of the rolling curtain into the guide rails.
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