RC250 / RC300
Roller carriages, RC series
Aluminum end covers 45°
Standard size:
SF250a    A = 250 mm
SF300a    А = 300 mm
Movable carriage RC
Standard sizes:
B = 224 mm, H = 203 mm
Console BRC
Steel end covers SF360/S
Profiles and components foam roll-up shutters
Corporate ImenGozar to Asia as one of the top 10 companies operating in manufacturing and supplying aluminum
roll-up doors in the industry to As electronic shutter is also able to recognize it as an automatic door
strong, safe, beautiful and customizable course
Use applications , commercial and industrial decorations and Residential (Parking) of the world market,
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instalation Type Profile End_slat GurdRail Box End cap Octagonal tubes Fixer System control
End caps, roller carriages, console
Roller carriages are designed to be installed into end caps SF250а and SF300а, SF250a-R and SF300a-R and
ensure smooth entry of the roller garage door curtain into the guide rails. Maximum permissible weight of the
curtain of roller garage doors with RC is 120 kg.

Steel end caps SF360/S are used for installation of roller garage doors together with shutter box SB45/360. BRC
console is used for a box-free type of roller garage doors installation. Main design peculiarity of these products is
the application of general-purpose roller carriages for a tube installation. The carriage installed on four bearings
ensures smooth and safe movement over guide rails and makes it possible to reduce bending loads on the
suspender components, which significantly increases durability of roller garage doors. Maximum admissible
weight of the roller garage door curtain with SF360/S and BRC is 200 kg.